An Exhibition of Works by Salvatore C. DiMarco, Jr. and Gilbert J. Tucker of the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin

This exhibition displays the works of Mr. Salvatore C. DiMarco, Jr. and Mr. Gilbert J. Tucker, who were employees of the now defunct Philadelphia Evening Bulletin newspaper. The Bulletin was founded in 1847 and by 1900 had a daily circulation of over 120,000; by the end of the 1920's it exceeded a half million. At the end of World War II, the Bulletin was America's fourth largest paper. Because of the competition with other local newspapers, the Bulletin was in dire financial straits and its last edition was published on January 29, 1982.

Temple University Libraries acquired the morgue of the Bulletin in 1987 and since then a few of its former employees have donated their historical materials to the Urban Archives.  Mr. Joseph DiMarco, brother of the late Salvatore DiMarco, Jr., and Mr. Gilbert J. Tucker are among the donors. The Temple University Libraries' Urban Archives is pleased to acknowledge and share their works publicly.

Salvatore C. DiMarco Jr.
Portait of Salvatore C. DiMarco Jr.

Gilbert J. Tucker
Portrait of Gilbert J. Tucker