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A line of men enter the Mujahideen Mosque at 1914 West Columbia Avenue.

A group of people decorate the Liberty Bell at Independence Hall.

A group of people stand outside in an attempt to register people to vote.

Four women in parade uniform march down 15th and Christian Streets holding American flags and parade rifles. Parade onlookers are on the side of the road.

A group of protesters holding signs march in front of a construction project at 31st Street and Susquehanna Avenue.

A group of people sit in a room. Some are at a table filling out forms.

Four women dressed for a beauty pageant stand in front of a banner at the Benjamin Franklin Hotel holding trophies and flowers.

C. Delores Tucker stands at a podium in front of a microphone.

C. Delores Tucker stands in front of microphones with a crowd behind her.