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A group of women, children and men are celebrating at 8th and Catherine Streets. Some of the crowd is dancing, there are musicians in the crowd and three men are standing above the crowd holding a sign.

Several women stand in a line aiming pistols in the same direction. A man wearing hearing protection stands behind them.

Five women in ethnic costume sit on a parade float at 9th and Race Streets. There is a crowd to the side of the float and the float has a sign advertising the Chinese Cultural Center.

Five women pose in ethnic costuming at the Annual Polish Festival at 8th Street and Tabor Road.

A group consisting primarily of women walk on the sidewalk carrying signs near a busy road at 30th and Market Streets.

An elderly woman with a finalist prize ribbon wearing a heavily decorated bonnet that includes plumes, lace and small stuffed rabbit dolls.

A line of woman are waving as they stand on an American Airlines ramp leading to a plane hatch.

Three women in uniform standing at 15th and Market Streets hold a poster of with a drawn picture of an eagle that says "National Security Week."

Two women in Rittenhouse Square decorating a horse sculpture with flowers. There are several pots with flowers beneath the sculpture and a stand with more potted flowers behind the women.

Two smiling women are sitting and kneeling in front of a business with bottled sodas. One is holding a plate, and the other is preparing to remove 3 fried eggs from the sidewalk of 15th and Wood Streets.