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Are You Seeking An Education?
Temple College Broad and Berks Sts. Offers You the Best Possible Opportunity.
Day Department, 9:30 A.M. to 1:30 P.M.
Full College Course, Theological Course, Business Course, College Preparatory, Academic, Boy's School, Girl's School, Intermediate and Kindergarten.
Unequalled advantages—complete buildings; a large Gymnasium; an experienced corps of thorough teachers. The special attention of parents is called to the various branches of our Day Department. A visit to the Institution, and a glance at the catalogue will convince you that Temple College offers just what your sons and daughters need.
Night Department.
Temple College is the pioneer in the work of providing an education for working people. In the evening from 7:45 to 9:45 it provides thorough instruction in all branches of practical education. The nominal fee of $5 entitles a student to the privileges of any three branches for the entire year.
Temple College does not exist as a private enterprise for the purpose of gain, but as a "People's University" to give all possible help to those who enter its walls.

The Fall Term of the Day Department began September 16th.
The Night Department opens September 30th.
Call of write for Catalogue or further information.
Russell H. Conwell, President.

The Temple College
Broad and Berks

Russell H. Conwell, President
Forrest E. Dager, Vice-President.
Rev. Frank Lambader, Ph.D, Dean.
James Auman, Manager.

Temple College Academies

West Academy, 3824 Lancaster Avenue
East Academy, 1918-1920 North Front Street
South Academy, 1200 South Broad Street.
South-West Academy, 26th and Wharton Streets.
Pine Street Academy, 922 Pine Street.
Tioga Academy, 20th and Tioga Streets.
Camden Academy, 531 Penn Street, Camden, N.J.
Falls of Schuylkill Academy, 35th St. and Sunnyside Avenue.
Logan Academy, Logan Station.
Massachusetts Academy, South Worthington, Mass.

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Russell H. Conwell, “Temple College Pamphlet,” Digital Exhibits, accessed May 22, 2019, http://gamma.library.temple.edu/exhibits/items/show/300.

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