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German Liars Now Devote Themselves to the Shipyards.
Tell All Kinds of Falsehoods to Keep Men from Seeking Work. Sole Hope of the Kaiser. Huns After World Trade After War Would Prevent U.S. Building Ships.
"Twelve men were killed today by the falling of a huge crane in the ______ shipyard."
This lie, started in one of the largest shipyards in the country, spread to every community where men are employed in building ships.
This sort of thing is the last resort of the Hun spy in America. Every other sort of activity either has failed him or is no longer of any interest to his masters in Berlin. It is declared that with the Central Powers crumbling and setting their hopes upon a trickily-devised peace, there is nothing in the military or naval field that is of much use to the Prussia autocrat in these days. But the commercial future of Germany is of more interest to him now than ever. In fact, the one hope of the Kaiser is to appear in the role of Guardian angel to the German Business man.
So the Hun is now concentrating on the work of damaging our shipping program as much as possible. He sees in the steadily growing American merchant marine the greatest menace to German trade dominance after the war. If only he can lure the Allies into a very lax and lenient peace, he will, the day peace is proclaimed, release from his ports the hundreds of merchant ships that have been tied up four years. And there are plenty of cheap goods in Germany ready to be dumped in any market of the world that will take them off his hands.

To Get the World's Trade.
It is therefore, a very real endeavor on the part of German Policy to strike at the American merchant fleet. The Germans believe that Americans think of nothing beyond the capturing of the [article is cut off]




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