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Huns Must Yield Alsace-Lorraine, France Demands.
Only Basis for Negotiation Complete Surrender of Armies and Guarantees. Will Not Take Promises. Ninety-Nine Per Cent of Citizens United for War Until Victory Is Won.
by Lincoln Eyre
Special Cable, Copyright 1918 by "The Philadelphia Press" and the New York World.
Paris, Oct. 14—"The only basis upon which France will negotiate with Germany is upon the complete surrender of her armies and the evacuation of all occupied territory, including Alsace-Lorraine. We take her word for nothing. We demand absolute guarantees for everything. Pending her answer we will fight on to victory."
Franklin Bouillon, head of the Parliamentary Commission on Foreign Affairs of the Chamber of Deputies, one of the most prominent political leaders, thus summarized the united public opinion of France today, regarding the German peace overtures in an exclusive interview given to "The Press."
M. Bouillon, who reflects the views of the highest Government officials, declared that 99 per cent of the French people are united in demanding complete surrender as the only terms for the proposed armistice.
The other one per cent, consisting of a few cringing pacifists, is not to be considered.

Have Faith in Wilson.
The French people and their Government have complete faith in what Wilson will do and heartily approve of his answer to Germany," he said. "The German reply is insincere and does not represent the German people. After winning the war we shall not be cheated out of a just peace by the trickery of Ger-
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