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Americans Shout 'Lusitania' As They Charge On Hun Line
War Cry Splits the Air as They Start New Attack in Front of St. Quentin. British Join in Battle. U.S. Men and Australians Show Fine Comradeship—Key Position Captured.
By Associated Press.
British Headquarters in France, Sunday, Sept. 29——Striking at the strongest point of the HIndenburg line between St. Quentin and Le Catelet, British and American troops launched a terrific at six o'clock this morning. Forty-eight hours before the infantry advanced against the German lines, the British artillery had maintained a terrific fire against the enemy positions. For the last ten hours of this bombardment gas shells by the thousands were hurled against the Germans, causing a comparative silence to follow over the enemy lines.
During the night a preliminary infantry attack developed between Marcoing and Masniers against the main Hindenburg line and met with satisfactory success. Under a creeping curtain of flame the main assault was launched this morning. A large force of American troops shouting "Lusitania!" advanced in the first waves with splendid dash, their war cry being a ringing slogan. A large number of tanks went out with the first wave, being directed against a front of 6000 yards south of Vendhulle, where the St. Quentin canal passes through a tunnel.
The weather was fine and cold, with a light frosty mist that served to hide the Allies' movements from the enemy. It has been learned from prisoners that the enemy had nine divisions in close reserve, as the prolonged bombardment gave him ample notice of what was coming. The Allies anticipated stiff resistance.
British Swim Canal.
Using the Vendhulle gap as a bridge the Americans stormed forward, deploying fanwise as they went. One British division swam across the canal, the men shaking themselves and laughing as they reformed their lines on the eastern bank. Then under steady machine gun fire they pushed forward into the village of Bollenglise.
At nine o'clock the prisoners were streaming back in droves. By this time the first phase of the attack had ended and after a pause the advance was resumed.
Dramatic Incident of battle.
Then one of the most dramatic incidents of the battle occurred. The Americans, tired and besplashed but in hearty [article is cut off]




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