[Letter: date unknown]


digital facsimile
digital facsimile


[Letter: date unknown]




Female friendship
African American women


Anderson, Caroline Still, 1848-1911 [recipient]






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Monday Morn./ Dearest Carrie:/ Good morning!/ Another beautiful day we’re/ having. Did your family/ return in good time last/ evening, or did you get/ over anxious about them?/ I heard of your being/ at Church with a certain/ gentleman. I should not/ wonder if he too was look/ing that way, we will/ allow him to look: I/ want to hear from/ you, which is next best/ to seeing you, so I write/ this morning. I spent a/ very pleasant time with/ you last evening, in fact/ I always enjoy myself when/ in your very agreeable society./ How fortunate that we should/ have become acquainted. I/ thought about you before you/ came home and anticipated/ having some very pleasant/ moments with you when you returned/ to remain here and how/ beautifully have my anticipa/tions been realized./ I often think/ how very many reasons/ I have to be thankful/ for the very many blessings/ bestowed upon me. I/ could write much more/ but must desist as my/ time is very much limited./ Accept love from/ Your Affectionate/ Emma/ [End of letter, new handwriting appears below on same page] Having regularly appoint=/ted officers we may not/ yet feel [parent?] to it/ and foster its progress/ as as an organization a/ permanent room for meetings/ should be secured a/ larger Body would/ enable us to do this/ and at a reasonable/ rate - An additional/ motive for such a/ move seems [this?] -/ some of the Colored/ young men have un[xxx?]/ to fo[rm?] a Chu[x?] Ass./ for the success of/ wh[sic] every Christian/ heart should beat in/ unison they are men/ a certain and a very/ great work is theirs/ to do Whilst we are/ not exclusive the most/ of our number are females/ as yet and probably/ will be. There is work/ wh[sic] they cannot do among/ females but wh[sic]/ we may do we may/ therefore lighten this/ burden if what/ they are unable to/ do towards making fam/ ilies happy [we?] that/ they cannot reach/ an indispensible position/ of those [fam?]- na[xxx?]l[y?]/ females we m[us?] reach/ them and together/ through separate bodies/ united[ly?] as to hearts we/ [?] labor/