[Letter of 1865 July 27]


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[Letter of 1865 July 27]




African American families


Still, Sidney [recipient]






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Phila Thursday 2/7 July 27, 1865/ Dear Mother/ I thought I would write to you to let/ you know that I am well. I go/ to s sunday[sic] school every sunday[sic]/ to day[sic] we Uncle [Tame Ike?] Aunt/ sofhia and Mrs. [x?]acy and me./ went out a [hucle berrying?] we/ got about 20 quarts we had/ a very nice time Tuesday Wednesday/ and Thursday Ike and [?] went/ a guning To day[sic] I shot an A/ king bird and Ike shot a robin/ please send My love to popy and/ to Josephie and please tell me/ how is Elle Robert george[sic] a getting/ along Will you please tell me/ how is my pigeons a getting along/ Wont you please look and see/ whether they have got young/ ones cousing John will give/ you some buckwheat. If you have/ any coin and if they have young/ ones please give them some of/ this buckwheat. When you give/ it to them please give them/ 3 teaspoonful of this buckwheat./ I can shoot like any thing When/ I aim at a bird he is got to/ come down. Elly sent her love/ to you and to popy and/ to Josephine she says please kiss/ Roby for her and will you/ please kiss Roby for me will/ you please tell me whether Roby can walk every time/ the boys shoot they give the/ birds to Elly Will you please/ send me 25 cts please answer/ wright[sic] away Yours affectionate/ Son. William W. Still/