[Letter of August 18]


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[Letter of August 18]




Mothers and daughters
African American families


Anderson, Caroline Still, 1848-1911 [recipient]






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Phila August 18./ Dear Carry I hav bin wanting to write to you for/ some time fealing to be luisey and the warm/ weather I know make a temep whe are all well/ At present pop and Elle rob are all in the/ cuntry at the Doctor Elle wast to bin home/ yesterday and pop and I ware to go but lide/ wanted Elle to spend a weak with her sow./ She drop a line to me I was willing for her/ to stay of couse sow I told pop he had better/ go, to Elle suprise she met Josey and family/ at mount holley thear baby was verry/ sick thay ware flying to the cuntry/ I was at church this morning. I call to Mrs/ Miller but she was out I wanted to hear from/ Mrs Doutereu she is still at atlantick the last/ A counts she was better Mrs. Potter was thear/ Also she got w worse Mr Potter had to living/ Her home I hope you are not working you/self tool hard. I want you if it the lord will to/ come home safe and sound sow take care of/ youself I how come on the buttler case I hope/ you hav given it up pop and I booth think/ alike but I dount wish to [lmake?] nor break/ he keeps away fronaus. I am faveriable impve/ With the girls thay don some sewin for me./ And Elle, Frances Feerrial the woman that/ lives with us her husbent has come up from/ the cuntry thay hav taken a room she is an/ shes to stay the winter I dounot give her any incriegment while she suit me sow for/ As the work is concern she like to kook some/ for him sow you see you cannot get everythin/ like she ask me to lett her go saturday nits/ to her room of cours I could not denie her She/ is abligen and willing and tells me anything/ I want can she is willing to dou he has no/ perment work she has to take her money/ to help keep him she says he good to her and/ She is willing to help him, Bethel Sunday school went out in great forse last thursday the good/ brother that was intrusted with the tickets and/ money left befor the day was out poor fellen/ the teller graft over taken him some warse/ about Kentucky making his way home/ whe are only [xx?]ree in family will is out the/ woman is at the dor lookingg [at?] the fashons/ now more at present/ your afectnet Mother/ Letitia Sill/