[Letter of 1873 October 3]


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[Letter of 1873 October 3]




African American families
African American Christians (Disciples of Christ)
Husband and wife


Anderson, Caroline Still, 1848-1911 [recipient]






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Baltimore Oct 3d 73/ My Dear Carrie:/ After another/ day’s tramp I sit/ down to reply to your/ very welcome/ letter. As it gives/ me more pleasure/ to converse with you/ than any other/ earthly friend –/ You who are more/ dear to me than/ any other, except/ Him with whom/ I hold sweeter com/ munications than all/ others. Oh! for more/ of His love in my/ heart – for more of that/ wisdom which HE/ alone can give/ that I may be/ kept from all the/ vanities of this/ world, that I may/ live in it, and/ yet not be of it/ not only for my/ self do I ask/ this- but for you/ also my darling–/ Oh! that HE would/ awaken the world to/ sense of its true/ condition– That HE/ might make you/ and me to feel and/ see things as they/ are. Think what/ you will my/ darling the world/ is in a dreadful/ state- Oh! That HE/ would arise with/ healing in His/ wings and give/ us that which will/ enable us see things/ as they are. May/ God bless us and/ keep in safety through/ the night is my prayer/ for you & Willie./ I am pleased to hear/ my dear that you/ have been having/ a pleasant time/ since I heard/ from you- also/ that you went to/ the wedding and/ had a nice time/ there. Please give/ my regards to Mr/ Jones & family, like/ wise to other in/ quiring friends/ when I come home/ for good I would/ like to get some/ place for you to/ teach as I think/ you would make/a very good teacher/ Good night darling./ My love to all/ the family, much/ love and many/ kisses to you mother/ and Willie. I am/ your devoted husband/ E.A. Wiley /