[Letter of 1867 September 3]


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[Letter of 1867 September 3]




College choice
African Americans in medicine


Anderson, Caroline Still, 1848-1911 [recipient]






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Medford N.J. Sep. 3/67./ My Dear Carrie,/ Thinking/ you would not be dis/pleased by hearing from/ Medford I will drop a/ hasty line. I have/ canvassed much of our/ county- learned the/ sentiments of many of the/ people and seen much/ that is interesting./ I met with a [Mr. Brippin?]/ of brass-wicks who, as/ soon as he saw me inqui-/red if I were acquainted/ with Mrs. Carrie Still./ I suppose you are coming/ on finely with your/ studies. Mr.- (do tell/ me his name) I fancy is/ very attentive and suffers/ no inconveniencies to/ [x?]or your pleasure./ I suppose you have not seen/ me in Oberlin yet-/ I imagine you had a fine/ time at the examination, for/ those [exercises?] that came/ off in Aug. I applied the/ 29 [ulitims?] to a friend of/ mine in the upper part of/ the State, to try to gain me/ admission into one of the/ best Medical colleges in/ N.Y. City. I am now/ writing the answer, which/ the friend refused to [inform?]/ me he thinks he can/ bring a favorable influence upon/ Will is now being fitted/ out for Lincoln University/ where the Thompson brothers/ are The girls are busy/ preparing him Leida &/ Emma go to school to/ a very good Normal/ teacher Dr Jose is with/ us and I am too. Mother/ talks of going to Phila. this/ fall. Father expects to/ take Will to Oxford./ I wanted to canvass a/ while longer this fall, but/ now, am detained on/ account of bad health/ bad cold I was in/ Phila. a few weeks ago/ saw our [friend?] Lezzie/ She played several tunes/ for me. I saw the/ Misses Highgate last on the/ 4th of July—yes: saw Miss/ Lela once since then./ They are both teaching in/ the lower [part?] of our State./ We have had a very wet/ season here this summer./ Things are looking about/ so-so in Cross Roads./ I am anxious to get strong/ studying that I may set up./ A I [hard row to hoe?] have I./ All join in much love to/ you—Mark mistakes/ tho. I write hastily—/ Very Affectionately/ Your Cousin/ James/