[Letter of 1874 October 12]


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[Letter of 1874 October 12]




African American sisters
African American families


Anderson, Caroline Still, 1848-1911 [recipient]






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Oberlin Oct. 12th,, ‘74/ Dear Carrie,/ Having a little time before/ dinner I thought I would answer your/ letter, When I got up this morning/ every thing[sic] was white with frost./ And my coat button up, my gloves/ on felt very comfortable indeed./ One of the young ladies/ came in prayers yester with her furs/ on. I was thinking that if we had a/ very bad winter, that perhaps Pop/ would let me go to the hall. I was/ talking to Miss McSimpson about it/ she is going in the spring she dont like/ it very much where she is because there/ are so many young men. She goes home/ this winter but intends to speak to/ Mrs. Johnson about a room; we both/ thought it would be pleasant if we/ Well I said I didn’t/ think I did, she said/ why yes you do/ you always know/ it, she said well/ you have had [?]/ study something/ like it I [?]/ [?] indeed./ Well I declare/ I have managed/ to get a [sheet?]/ full & running/ over think it/ is time to stop/ now so [?]/ Love to all/ from your/ Aff. Sister/ Ellie/ Write soon/ could room together. Wont you speak to/ Pop about it, you know how pleasant/ it will be rainy mornings & when/ there is lots of snow on the ground &c./ Mary was very much/ pleased with her desk and told me/ to tell you that she was ever so much/ oblige to you. You found your room/ looking just like a new pin, of course/ you have kept it looking so ever since./ Mrs. Wiley got an invitation/ to the wedding all to herself, of course/ Mrs. Wiley has sent her present, all/ by itself. I suppose Alma is at the house/ working on my things. The dinning[sic]/ room seems a strange place to put/ the organ./ You did not say any about/ Jones’ have they moved yet? I saw Mrs./ Campton this morning, she told me/ to tell you that she was very sorry that/ she did not get to see you at the depot/ that she was away so far from home/ helping to do up peaches that she found/ it impossible to come, & sent love./ [?] [?] lecture did not take here/ very well, none that I heard speak of/ it, liked it. Willie said when he was/ coming home there was a couple in front/ of him, he heard the lady say, “well/ what he said about lac[e?]ing dont/ hint hit me,' ” he said “ 'dont it? let/ me see?'” the gentleman she was with said this./ Wont forget any of my things/ please. And go and see Mallie as soon as/ you can, give her my love. So you think/ I am having a nice time since you and/ Willie left. “Wont care if I do”/ Has Miss Greenfield been/ up to the house since she has moved?/ Mary dont tease me as much as she did/ the other night Mr. Gates was making his/ fire & Mary began to tease him, I was/ sitting on the piano stool his door was/ open, he could'nt[sic] do any thing[sic] with her/ at last he said “go tease Nellie” and she/ said “Oh no, she wont let me” he laughed/ and said, “well here, I am going to have/ something to say about you teasing me."/ You can send my can of sugar back./ Tell Will there is a lady here very anxious/ to see his picture, I suppose she wants/ to see if he is as pretty as I am, tell/ him not to forget he promised to send/ it to me./ When you see Miss S. Jones/ ask her please if Maria got my letter/ Give my love to “every body[sic].” Have you given/ Mary Harper her earrings? When I was/ in the reception room this morning, there/ were quite a number of the young girls in/ there who belong to Bib. class, the M[x?]le girls/ came in and said “Still do you know Bib?/ I said no have’nt looked at it, I said I never/ do until this hour, and one of the white young/ girls said “well how do you do to recite it so/