[Letter of 1867 January 28]


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[Letter of 1867 January 28]




African American Christians (Disciples of Christ)
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No. 11 Ladies Hall Oberlin Jan. 28th 1867. Miss Carrie Still/ Dear Friend,/ Please do not think/ my dear that I have forgotten all about my/ promise, made the night of your departure/ Your welcome little letter has lain on the top / of my portfolio forever for [?] days, in order that/ I might [?] [?] opportunity/ Perhaps I [?] [?] away [?]/ g[?]y have [?] two [?] [?]/ uncle to my friends &c. Alas! for human ex/ pectations! Never did I have less time to spend in/ either reading or writing. I have not written more than/ two letters this winter to those any of my correspond/ ents except my family friends./ Three weeks more and vacation will be here/ Then I hope to make up some of my letter writing./ But if I have not written as many letters/ I have tried to do some good. There is so much/ [?] for [?] in this world can’t there?/ [Top of page 1] I have just come from young peoples meeting which they have been/ [?] to move into the college chapel. Oh! There is a glorious/ work going on here. It is more general than usual. In reaching the/ [?] & business me more. Pray for me & all of us in the Hall/ [?] [?] pray for [?] to be more [?] God bless [?] I feel that I have done something for the/ Savior this winter but ok! I want to do more./ Sometimes I wish that I could give up all my/ studies & devote all my time in working [?]/ In bringing others to Him. Yet I suppose it is best/ for me to stay here & better prepare myself for the/ work of life. We have a very pleasant set of young/ ladies in the Hall this winter. Nearly every one of them/ are Christians. The misses Hanson Andrews & Sandie think/ they have been converted this winter. Miss Cooper is very/ much interested but I can hardly understand her/ [?]lings. I hope she may really learn whether she/ is a child of God & c[?] get boldly on the/ side of Christ. The misses Glonuster[?] have probably/ told you that they had united with the church/ I know you would be reprised to hear of it, for I/ remember your speakin for hours on that subject too./ Miss Rumm[?] & Mrs D[?] have both been/ [?] for something [?] they may/ have more of the Spirit[?] life [?] give up/ all pride & all doubts & accept the Savior now./ There are only two others in the Hall who are not/ professing Christians. Some of the girls seem more/ correct than they have been and some are still/ backward about doing their duty & working faithfully/ How I do wish we could all be united as the heart/ of one! Our Sunday & Thursday evening meetings/ are well attended/ Are you coming back at the opening of the spring term?/ I hope so, most sincerely. I have heard from Lizzie/ twice. She did not know whether she should return/ or not. I hope she will. Excuse this uninteresting letter./ I wish I could spend time to write more./ Yours sincerely/ Miss Carrie V. Still/ “E. Ad[?].”/ 413 Lombard St./ Philadelphia/ Pen[?]