[Letter of 1874 November 24]


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[Letter of 1874 November 24]




African American families
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Anderson, Caroline Still, 1848-1911 [recipient]






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Oberlin Nov. 24th ‘74/ Dear Carrie,/ Yours of the 19th was duly/ received by me. Cold weather has fairly/ begun. Of course by this time time nearly/ all of the girls have left; the males/ went Saturday morning also Miss/ Mc Simpson Carrie Hubbard and/ Miss Woodson went this morning/ there are only three of Hagar’s children/ at the hall; it certainly looks lost/ I dont see how I can get/ along out here this winter And my room/ is the coldest in the house you know they/ cant put curtains up to the windows so/ sitting even before the fire the wind blows/ in you just as much as if a door was/ open. Mrs. Peck did offer the room Mr./ Gates had down stairs but the only/ objections is being alone there at nights/ and another thing if I took that room/ she was going to put her flowers in/ there, but to my supprise[sic] I see Miss/ Lil[e?] moving in there today. Miss/ Stan has left gone into her new house/ I was in my room this afternoon and/ my legs and feet were so cold I/ had to go down stairs I found Mrs. I/ with her feet on [x ?] a chair before the/ fire she said she found it impossible/ to keep them warm./ The last night of the term/ the young men gave a party I was/ invited but did not go. You did not say/ any thing about the stockings and/ table cover. I could not make out the/ name of the person you said that braid/ [h?]as for hair [braid?] I suppose you meant/ I did not think any thing was wrong/ with Mallie it was [so?] – I had reference/ to. Why did’nt you send a programme of the/ concert? “Oh I forgot.” I am sitting in my ^ room/ one ^side of me is hot and the other side is as cold/ as it can be my hands are so cold that/ I can hardly write. Did you give Alma/ her letter? Tell Will I think he is real mean/ not send his picture as he said he would/ and ask Willie Wiley when he is going/ to answer my letter. I could not wear my/ light [sacque?] and cape I could not wear/ until I got my dress; as to that black/ over skirt and [body?] and purple/ dress I just had to live in them. It/ got too cool for the gray./ I had to put on my/ flannels some time ago, but would not/ have put them on if I had not thought/ to have had some more sent me as I/ get on bad enough with only two./ so do try and get them off by christmas/ but dont send them way out here by/ themselves. I shall have to stop to go/ down stairs and get warm./ Mary has just come in her first words/ were “Oh Ma its awful cold.” You did’nt/ write much out side news dont forget/ next time. I have a vacation of ten/ days and I feel like a fish out of/ water. Is v Will going up to Lincoln/ to teach? Mrs. Campton sends love also/ Mrs. Cosby who is sick in bed. Mc” S_/ was sick the ^night before going home and [xx]/ was in her room and Mrs. Cosby sent/ word for me to come in her room to see her/ Mr. Gates has gone home. Mrs. P_ says/ she will try to write in a day or two/ sends love and told me to say I am/ a very good little girl if not you/ would have heard before./ Love to all from your/ aff. sister/ Ellie/