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Gettysburg Adams Country P No the 22 My Dear [friean?] I was/ very sick when I receved/ your letter and did/ not git to hear you/ [cind?] word until five/ weak after you sent/ it and I was laying/ very low with the/ billious disintary and/ by the help of outr/ helper he put me on/ my feet again now/ I am in doing good/ helth and I did not/ esspect to hear from/ you all any more and/ now I have a strong/ notion of going to Sincia/ Nattia this fall to stay/ the winter and I/ am not maried but/ still got the same/ old boy and I had/ a strong notion of comin/ to see you this fall/ but my sickness cept/ me back and I thought/ littell hard of you not/ [writing?] but even I wold/ see how bussy you/ was I had to esxcuse/ I was at Balltimore/ at that grate turnout/ and in joyed myself/ every much and cut/ my [eyes?] about every/ wich way to see some/ of my sity popel but did not see any but/ Mr [x?]ettle told me that/ he seen my frend [?]/ [?] thier and I/ think you should/ go[d?] on the first/ of November thier/ I rote to miss Jackson/ but she never rote to/ me yet I never new/ any thing a bout her/ trobles give my love/ to Misses [Jacson?] and tell her that I wold/ love very much to see/ her give my love to/ Mrs Cary and tell her/ to think of me in her/ prars and give my/ love to Willberforse and/ Ella and wen[sic] I get to/ [helping?] they shall come/ up and send a sumer/ with me give my love/ to Mr Still and tell/ him that I think very/ hard that he did not/ come by hear even/ he was at Washintong/ and tell him that/ I rote him a letter/ and he never rote me a/ scratch of pen I think/ hard of it but I loocked/ over it nowing how/ bissy you allways was/ give my respect to Mr [?]/ give my love to Joseph[xxx?]/ and tell me wen that coms[sic/ off she is bound to/ have a invitation to it/ give my love to all of my/ inqirring friend and take/ the Bigest portion fo your/ self and rite soon again/ and dont let friends fro/ get one another/