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Science Meets Art is a work in progress, a site that seeks to bring together artistic endeavors from varied contexts and geographies. These projects are united by their interest (explicitly or otherwise) in probing and understanding the evolution of humankind’s relationship with other species. In uniting these projects, which utilize varied forms of media and possess disparate intents and intended audiences, Science Meets Art hopes to function as a virtual space for both public interest and education and for scholarly engagement with the issues at hand.


This page features excerpts from interviews conducted by Caitlin Alyse Baiduc with artists and designers working at the interface of art and science.

Time-Maps of Collections

TimeMapper, an open-source tool for making maps and timelines, was used to create "time-maps" for each of the collections on the Science Meets Art website. Please go to the page below, "Time-maps of Collections," to see time-map views of each of the collections on the Science Meets Art website. (Note that only those projects with both known dates and known artist locations are included in each time-map collection.)