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  • Collection: Animals in Art

Series of speculative biotech robots that perform as a near future infrastructure of biological pest control

From the artist's website: "River Construct, is an indoor composting and plant growing unit that attempts to reproduce a natural system. It is based on the model of a river, which is alternately fed and cleansed by a variety of organisms along its…

Interactive experience for crickets and humans

Collaborative art-science project that explores the impact of environmental degradation on non-human animals

From the artists' website: "Radio Animal was a component of the project Uncertainty In The City - a speculative, artists’ exploration into the relationship between humans and the animals that nudge at and breach the borders of our homes."

Taxidermy bulldog and sheep's heads used as props in the vanity setting

Taxidermy rooster crucified on cross with header plaque "KFC"

Taxidermy dog head atop the body of a wax sculpture child, holding a stuffed animal

Women's high heels made from taxidermy horse hooves

Taxidermy snake formed into shape of pistol
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