[Letter of 1866 July 26]


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[Letter of 1866 July 26]




Man-woman relationships
African Americans

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Oberlin (Ohio)


Anderson, Caroline Still, 1848-1911 [recipient]






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[?] 66/ Cleveland July 26/ Miss Carrie/ Dear Friend/ I received your well come [letter?]l last night/ I read it two or [?] [time?] before/ I went to bed and [# ?] once or/ twice this morning. I am very gla/ d you understood what I sent/ you the money for. I thought/ you would speak about the last/ letter I wrote to you as it was some/ what indifferent[sic] to any of my letters/ you wanted to know if I writes/ my own letters it has been very/ near two years since I had any one to/ write a letter for me. I was delighed[sic]/ Miss [?] your way of speaking in-/ reference to, if you were an orphan/ you would not suffer for the/ [comparts?] of life if you could get/ them by working./ [J l?] feels very proud Miss/ Carrie that you have such opinion/ of your[sel?] self I began to think/ you can stand to your promis[sic] about/ being an old mate. Then I cant/ say much be[cause?] ladies minds/ are very [changeable?]. I dont say/ that your mind will change/ you spoke of being la[ny?] I am/ sure I dont know what you will/ do when you becomes an old mate/ ho will [?] to me/ and as you and I will be old/ frind[sic] I will call to see you some time/ I suppose Miss Jackson was well/ and Miss Jones was [they ant?] [?] like[xxx?] so much to write to them/ I hope I shall be able to come/ to O. the last of August. It seems/ to me like I have been from/ there a year almost. I heard/ a good sermon sunday preached by the Rev Mr/ Jones and [s?] in the afternoo-/ n I went to prayers meeting that/ is one thing I want to get back/ to Oberlin for on the count of/ prayer meetings for it is nothing/ like better than going to such/ meeting [we?] have in Oberlin/ I know when you leave Oberlin/ you will mis[sic] them too you must/ excuse my bad writing[sic] as I am/ writing[sic] in hast. I suppose you/ are boarding with Dasconis/ Are[sic] Mrs Peck in Oberlin yet?/ How is Miss Thomas I must/ [?] before I get through or I will/ be late for the evening mail/ Truly your/ Edward/ Wiley/