[Letter: date unknown]


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[Letter: date unknown]




African American families


Wiley, Edward A. [recipient]






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Philadelphia, August [18?] 186[x?]/ Mr Weley/ My Dear young friend/ I hope I am not writing in vain/ but I hope your simpethy will be/ with me and your love for Carry/ may return a gain you say that/ you want to hear from Mr Still he/ will saynothing a gainst you/ looking over the past feelings and/ I am a shoor I am willing to look/ over the past for all old things must/ be don a way and all things become/ new. I was at senterl church yest/ eday morning I hird Mr Bears/ his tex was neither give place to the/ Devil forth chapter of the ephesians/ while I set thear you came before me/ I recllect what Carry has told me/ speaking of your devotion and/ I was wondering how it was now/ with you thear are sow many/ tempetation set to trap the young/ and living in a hotel is not any/ help to christanity I feal as mutch/ interrested for you as I don for one/ of my children Mr Still and I was/ talking about you he was thinking/ of takin you for clek thinking/ you would get a in site and/ run of the biseness and you/ could help him to collect whitch/ he needs assistance in I [s?]thort/ it would be sow good for you/ I am sorry that you hav just/ found out that you wa[x?]e poor/ that was the under standing that/ we had that you warr [educating?]/ your self and whe hily commend/ you fore it but your helth would/ not admit whe dou not dispise/ the day of small things oursim/ pethy are all waise with such/ I dou not know an class that/ Mr still asteame more than that/ class of person I did not expect/ to write this letter but sence you/ hav express your self in the ma/ nner you hav I hav bin arou/ to a greadeal of ansiety know/ I think I hav sedanny I hav/ sent Carry to the cuntry to stay/ too weaks that will just/ bring it near the time for her/ school to open [Emenen?] is [moved?]/ and Carry takes her place/ know I hope that you will/ not treat Carry sow co[x?]d/ chear herup by some kind/ words I [?] a great store by/ Carry she [?]as a great mind/ and a good mind I hope your/ love and simpethy will be/ restord asit once was/ Mr Still has bin thrownout/ of his carriage he bou bough/ a horse that was too fast/ for him heim hirt his back/ but he is geting better/ Yours sinceare/ friend/ Letitia Still/