[Letter of 1867 November 19]


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[Letter of 1867 November 19]




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Anderson, Caroline Still, 1848-1911 [recipient]






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Phila Nov. 19th 1867/ Dear Carrie:/ Your letter dated/ the 14th inst. reached me /yesterday. Why it did not/ come sooner I can not/ say. As y usual you have/ a big bill for me to foot ./ To meet this demand you/ will find a money order/ for thirty five dollars &/ five dollars besides [in?]/ currency. Forty dollars I/ hope will suffice. Pray/ pay Mr. Wiley the first/ thing. I really thought/ you hade him paid off/ long ago. I am sure/ previous to this on two/ occasions I forwarded you/ money with the express/ instructions to pay him./ But lawer-like[sic] you make/ out a plausible story [?] and/ I suppose we shall have to let/ the matter rest [until?] you come home./ How is Mr. W. getting/ on with his studies? I have/ never answered his letter/ yet - well, I have been/ too busy./ You had better take/ the cars and come home./ Of course then you will leave/ your baggage in the care of/ the Express man. I allude/ to the city passenger cars/ after you arrive here. I/ will meet you/ if you will let me know/ in time./ Maggie Jones wants to/ meet you also. So let/ us have the time by Tele_/ graph or letter. If you could bring/ that old carpet with you/ I know a poor friend/ that I would like to/ give it to. What has/ become of it?/ Write by return/ mail and let me know/ when you will start and/ when arrive./ We are all well/ thank god./ I must try and write/ to Mrs. Dascomb tomorrow./ Is Mrs. Peck in Oberlin?/ If she is give my regards/ to her. Also to Mrs. Dascomb. / Yours affectionately/ W Still/