[Letter of 1868 March 2]


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[Letter of 1868 March 2]




Female friendship
African American women -- Diseases


Anderson, Caroline Still, 1848-1911 [recipient]






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Phila March 2nd,68./ My dear Friend,/ Thank God with me/ let us exalt his name together for his/ loving kindness, and tender mercies/ towards. me, Carrie my Saviour/ is ever near, me sleeping or waking /so I need [have?] on fear, My dear/ Carrie, I go down stairs to my meals./ but I cannot do anything like work/ I read and sew a great deal that is/ about all I do. I have picked up a/ great deal in the [face?], I am going/ to have my hair cut it drops out so/ fast it is on account of the misery in/ my head. Carrie; another month/ and I have not had my courses yet/ isn’t it queer. Well how are you getti/ ng along. I think very much about you/ and [pray?] for you, Oh Carrie my sister/ you do not know how glad I was to/ hear from you, Mary Wears was here/ when the letter come[sic], Mary is a real/ nice girl, I think a great deal of her. Emily Stewart sends her love/ to you she promises to write to you/ Dear Carrie Ellen was up to see me/ and spent a long time with me, I told/ her to bring her books up some day/ and I would hear her lessons. Oh yes/ your mother sent me a home made/ loaf it was so good I ate it all for my/ self my appetite is good yet. I [have?]/ from Charlie twice not by any letters/ his Aunt and Sister. I dream of/ him often, but Carrie. I will never/ marry him while mother and/ Father lives. I shall not go against/their will, though I loved Charlie as/ I never will or can love another man/ he may no doubt learn to love someone/ else whom he can love better than he ever/ did me, but that will not change my, determination. I will try to do my/duty and the consequences I will leave/ to God, I have no [one in?] heaven but H[im?]/ and there is none in earth who I can/ trust but God. Oh Carrie what joy/there [?]nowing that there is one/ that [?]hangeth one that we can/ place [?] confidence one who has sym/ pathy for us poor weak mortals. Carrie/ I love God and I am his child his/ blessed word tells [me?] so. Carrie dear/ still trust in God for trust in/ him is everlasting strength. Mother/ and Father and Miss Maggie send/ their love to you. Mary Lizzie is eigh/ teen this month Father is going to/ give her a party. How is Mr Wiley/ and how did he like those things./ I might be sure that he liked them/ because you brought them. A kiss/good bye, I pray for your success in/ getting through. Write when you are at/leisure, I judge your time is very prec/ ious. Your loving friend/ Maggie./