[Letter of 1868 May 1]


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[Letter of 1868 May 1]




Mothers and daughters
African American families


Anderson, Caroline Still, 1848-1911 [recipient]






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Phila May 1, 1868/ Dear Cady/ I received you/ letter I dou not know/ that I should writen so/ soon but Mrs Bowers/ Ded on the 30 of April/ thear are a great many/ sick at present./ Bolinder has bin/down and paid us a visit went/ home yesterday I have bin/ looking for the girls to come/ and pay a visit. Summy Still/ was hear this morning/ with [xxxee?][Isick?])his on[sxx?] son/ [t ?]he is very mutch pout/ out at Elizabeth she is son/ unwilling to kep house for/ him, I wish you could hav/ time anuf to spear to write too/ her and encourage her in her/ house keeping if you liv/ to get home as you expect/ you can pay her a visit/ She doset hav it hard he/ hire help he and the boys/ dou all the milking he comp/lain of her disposion on/ [soasheble?] he want her and/ john to go about and in/joy them selves he says tha/t he can get along very well/ with john/ Bolinder stop to/ se vine [Ceate?] and [deler?] at/ dagen point it a great pity/ Cady I want/ you from this time for the/ to pout no more pins in yo/ur mouth will you make/ me this promoss and keep/ to it if so write and let me/ me know. On of our/ back street nabours died/ from the effects of pins in/ her mouth. I hav thoug/ht so mutch a bout you/ well our plum tre is nicly/ in bloom I had it trimm this/ spring a gain prety [cloust?] it/ will not hav a great merry/ plumbs this season. I hav/ bought a dress for you a/nuf for a soot if I send you a/ peace you canot tell anyth/ing a bout it if send you/ a peace to look at it was/ bolinder choice she wanted/ you to hav it and to hav/ it made double skirt boun/d with sky [blue?] vilion/ I, think it will be too fla/she gay so mutch of it/ Your afect. Mother L. Still/ 413 Lombard St./ Phila,, May 2 1868/ Dear Sister,/ It is with peasure that/ I write. Mrs. bowers is going to be burry/ on monday. Cadie Mother got your/ Dress is like mine I am going have/ mine trim with bue with blue/ bows hanging Down Mother is not/ going to have Your dress made becau/se popy said it whould [cost more/ and if she did it it whould ha [x?] after/ had it rap [x?] up very small and/ then by the time you get it it wont/ be fit to look at So when you get yours/ You will now [x?]ust what kind my/ mine is Mother writen to her brother/ and told him when Mrs bowers is going/ to be berry and mabe he will be on I am/ in reduction I think it is easier/ [than?] Longdevision all send their/Love./ I remain your affection Sister/ Frances Elle Still write soon/