[Letter of 1866 January 1]


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[Letter of 1866 January 1]




African American families


Anderson, Caroline Still, 1848-1911 [recipient]






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Medford N.J. Jan. 1st 1866./ My Dear Cousin,/ A happy New Year to/ you and all the family. As I have/ not written to any of my friends for some/ time I will take the first of the year/ for this purpose. I had thought of/ coming to the City sometime last week/ but was happily disappointed by having to/ attend son a course of highly interesting/ lectures. I expect soon to enter into/ a new part of my studies which will/ be less dry and more interesting. I suppose/ you are enjoying yourselves highly now in the/ hollidays[sic]. As I feell[sic] to have so much/ to do, I do not have much time for/ pleasure. [Jos?] and I went up to/ Uncle [Saul’s?] week before last/ to hog-killing and had a very fine/ time indeed. [Jos?]: went out the other/ day with Baite’s boys, and was trying/ some of his exploits in chooping[sic],/ he cut a chip which flew in, or over his/ eye he has been laid up for several/ days with [it?]. He is now better and/ sees again quite clearly . I want to attend/ all the lectures that may be going on in this/ place. I think they will close about the/ middle of this week. Then I expect/ to come to the City. So have yourself/ in readiness as I think I shall come/ down about Wednesday or Thursday./ I would write you a long letter, but I have/ nothing to say. Therefore I think it would/ be best for me to venture nothing./ Your affectionate Cousin/ Jas: T. Still/ P.S. What I mean by being ready is to prepare to/ make a trip to Jersey./ J.T.S./