[Letter of 1873 October 9]


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[Letter of 1873 October 9]




African American families
Husband and wife
African American Christians (Disciples of Christ)
Door-to-door selling


Anderson, Caroline Still, 1848-1911 [recipient]






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Baltimore Oct 9th ‘73/ My Dearest Carrie/ Your very/ welcome letter/ came safely to hand/ and I am pleased/ to say find me/ in very good/ health./ My dear/ I am sorry to say/ that I shall not/ be able to come/ home on Friday/ as I expected/ but if nothing/ prevents I shall/ come Friday week[sic]./ I just wrote father/ to day[sic] and ordered/ a bi[x?] of books/ please say to/ him to put in/ some large posters/ and he might send/ me a few of those/ other circulars in/ the box. I feel quite/ tired this evening-/ dearling. I have/ been very busy/ to day[sic] and have/ go to go out again/ this evening, I am glad to learn that/ our dear little Willie/ is getting along so nicely./ I only hope that/ he will continue/ and I really beleive[sic]/ that he will./ You must remem/=ber that I have/ given him to/ the Lord – to preach/ His word to a dying/ world – and you/ and I may sit/ and hear our dear/ Willie preach the/ words of eternal life./ It may be that our/ heads will be blooming/ for the grave and our/ eyes shall have be=/come dim – though/ we may burdened/ with the weight of many/ years - yet I trust/ and pray on that God may grant us this privilege/ as it has been/ [designed?] His servant/ Even now my heart/ longs to speak of/ Christ and His love/ for sinners and it/ may be that He will/ [x?]en call His servant to/ preach His word to a/ lost world – who know what the future may/ bring forth, may God guide/ us into this unknown/ future by the power or/ influence of His spirit./ My love to all the family/ much love and many/ kisses to you, Mother/ and Willie. I am your/ devoted husband/ E. A. Wiley/