[Letter of 1874 October - December 11]


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[Letter of 1874 October - December 11]




African American sisters
African American families


Anderson, Caroline Still, 1848-1911 [recipient]






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Oct Dec. 10th,, ‘74/ Dear Carrie,/ Your letter was duly received/ by me and the contents enjoyed. You/ had names enough of sickness folks to/ start a respectable hospital. I see you/ dont know “who I is” yet you did not/ name [your?] piece you read./ I was thinking I/ said why I did not go to the party/ They were going to have it at Mrs./ Cosby’s but she would not let them/ dance; they then went to see a Mrs. Brown/ and she told them yes they might/ have it there but when she found/ out that they were going to dance/ she said no. They had it finally/ at a Mrs. Mendinhall’s but they/ got to do no dancing, she lives quite/ a long distance from Mrs. P- so/ Wont you/ ask pop if/ he will[ts?] let[y]/ me take writing/ lessons now/ as I will have/ more time now then/ perhaps I will/ have again/ you know I/ have only/ two studies/ For thirty/ lessons it will/ be 3.50./ I concluded to remain home, vacation had/ begun. The last night of the vacation/ Miss Bell had a little entertainment/ I went & had a very pleasant time/ I was quite amused by seeing them/ bring in apples and cider. Thanks/ Givin[sic] night those of you who went to/ the concert, at ten I dont suppose/ you were hardly thinking about going/ home; whilst I at that hour was making/ as fast as I could for my room. I think/ I told you I went to the hall to a/ candy pull, I was the first to make/ a start but the others soon followed/ when we got up in the reception/ room of course found a good deal/ to talk about, at last some one[sic] said/ “seven minutes to ten”, I got home/ with out[sic] having a failure. The folks/ had all gone to bed but by chance/ the out side[sic] door had been left/ unfasten. Imagine you see Ellen/ walking very quietly upstairs &/ thinking all danger past when/ lo and behold I spied the madam’s door/ wide open at any rate I walked nearly/ past, quite when a voice cried out who’s that/ I paused to answer she said it had been/ so lonesome with out[sic] me [hem?]! once in/ my room I had a good laugh, [Bub?]/ [l?]or child them days are over, seven oclock/ (sometimes earlier) finds me seated very/ quietly in my room to study./ You spoke of my staying/ down stairs to study I don’t like the idea/ a bit. The folks are in the sitting room of/ eveings, Mrs. Peck has let the young/ men have the study. Mr. Phillippss/ Mr. Thomas & Willie. another thing in the/eveing I always undress to study and/ I would not be able to do so, I may/ though very cool eveings stay down, Mrs./ Bradley asked me to day if I was related/ to a Miss Still &c. She inquired after/ you. You had better bring your baby/ out and apply for a situation, Oh/ “a thousand pardons”, they dont admit/ any of Aunt Hagars’ children and/ grand children. Mr. Stover has gone/ South I think; to follow as he says, “his/ own inclinations” Mrs. Gibbs sister/ sent in to see about the [braid?]/ before I got your letter so I think by this/ time it has gone. You dont[sic] meant to say/ Mrs. Wiley that you are stupid? “Oh/ my” I see that you seem to side with/ Miss Woodson. I cant say I have any/ very serious objections. They liked each other/ well enough. I got a letter from Miss/ Woodson to day. The one who is in my/ class (the same one we have been speaking of) came/ up to see me said she would like to room/ with me but I have said nothing to her/ since about it. Mrs. Smith I see sometimes/ Mrs. Morris I have not seen since you left/ Does Willie grow any stouter? I certainly/ should like to have some ginger cakes./ I think I will/ send Aunt L./ a letter in this/ I think it would/ please her./ Has Mary Dorsey/ gone back to her/ husband? I/ would prefer/ woolen stockings/ I have heard/ nothing about/ H[x?]e[xxx?] getting/ married. all though/ had an idea/ that was the/ case from what/ I heard. Are/ you going to/ send me the/ flannel shirts?/ Love to all from/ your aff. Sister/ Ellie/