[Letter of 1874 September 7]


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[Letter of 1874 September 7]




African American families
Mothers and daughters
African American students


Still, Letitia [recipient]






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Oberlin Sep. 7th,, ‘74/ Dear Mother,/ I suppose by this time/ you have heard of our safe arrival./ Well, I like Oberlin very much/ indeed; and am beginning to get/ use[sic] to it./ I went into Chapel to/ night for the first & was supprise[sic]/ at the number of students I saw./ Last eveing[sic] just as some ladies/ were coming in to call on us, the/ bell rang & I had to go to my room./ Tell Robbie not/ to forget about that blank book/ please. Have you got any help yet?/ Mrs Peck has got lots of fruit on/ her place. From the way Carrie/ spoke of Oberlin I thought they/ did’nt[sic] have any thing[sic] / on the contrary I find things/ in abundance. Five grapes are/ only four cents abo a pound/ peaches, tomatoes, & watermelons/ just as cheap as can be, & hot/ roasted ground -nuts only five/ cts per quart. Mrs Peck has/ nut g trees on her place./ One of my studies/ (Latin) comes seven oclock/ in the morning I have to take/ out of here half past six/ “O my”/ Carrie is going to/ write so I think I shall [close?]/ love to all from your/ affectionate daughter/ Ellie./ Mary Peck was in my room/ just now to bring me a/ pen & I could not as/ much as thank her because/ it was study hour & we are/ not allowed to [?] beans./ [?], that book that/ [was?] rolled up in paper in the/ dinning room wont you see/ that Robbie gets it to Mary/ Lizzie when he goes after the/ one for Martha Armstead/ will you let me know about/ them when you write please/