[Letter of 1872 August 23]


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[Letter of 1872 August 23]




African American families
Husband and wife
African Americans -- 19th century


Wiley, Edward A. [recipient]






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Phil.a Aug. 23rd”, ’72./ My Dear Edward:/ Your letter came to/ hand last ev’ning and I hasten to an=/swer by return mail this morning./ You dont know how alarmed I became/ yesterday morning when Will said that/ some lady told him they had to wrap/ you up in blankets then and only then/ could I begin to realize the extent of/ your illness. I did not see young/ Brown the ev’ning that he brought the/ note but after Will told me what he/ did at the breakfast table I straightway com=/menced to think and prepare for Cape/ May. I was all ready to start baby, bags/ and all but Pop drove up from the yard/ (I having decided to start after he left the/ house. Ma sent word to him that I/ was going) and said perhaps I had better/ wait you would probably be along in the/ morning train and he would go to meet/ you. It was late so I concluded to/ wait and see what the mail might/ bring or whether you would come. In/ a perfect fever I could not content/ myself at home but started in search of/ some one[sic] who could tell me aught of/ your spell. When I returned home Ma/ told me Mrs [Jeagle?] had come up to/ ask her, I did so and was much re=/ lieved by what she said. I shall look/ for you anxiously tomorrow. Pop/ feared that you had the dysentery./ We are all well and all join in love./ Willie is going out in the coach this/ morning with grandma. Regards to/ Mrs Palmer, make her a present of/ some kind or offer to pay her extra/ for her kindness to you or she’ll never/ forget you. I know you understand/ but you know that I know dollars and/ cents are grave and weighty matters with you./ I kiss baby lots so of course he gets your/ “kiss Willie for me.”/ Your affectionate wife/ Carrie./