[Letter of December 14]


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[Letter of December 14]




African American families
Mothers and daughters


Anderson, Caroline Still, 1848-1911 [recipient]






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Phila Desember 14/ Dear Carry all are well/ I was out last eveing at the/ fair sewing our number was/small but I feal that tear is/ a greadeid of earnest ness abou:/ It to nite is the last nite/ whe go to sow at Mrs. Outer/ whitch is the [ho?]resdent of the/fair I am in hope that whe/ will relise a nice little sum/ I am afra[d?] that whe will/ hav to disspence with our offies/ Miss Loty dosenot make it pay/ the women are waken up/ to it whe shall have to make/ a chaing know that my/thing that I wanted to say/ to you I forgot a that I would/ like you to go to obey and get/ Miller bed t[ick?] and a baiso/ baison and too pitchersbut/ if you canot bring the pitch/ers bring the tick the bed/ sted I dounot wont I would/ like you to be home wilst the/ fair is on. I shall hav to be at/ the fair a grea deal and I shall/ have to be away from home and/ you know how that is and/ what a fus it will [I ?] make/and he is fussing allredy/ a bout it but I expect to/ go there with it and I/ tho[u?]t you would or/ could come and help wit/ the fair in my place. I sho/uld be very “glad/ Your Mother/ Letitia Still/