[Letter of 1876 September 7]


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[Letter of 1876 September 7]




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Anderson, Caroline Still, 1848-1911 [recipient]






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Phila Sep 7th 1976/ Dear Caddy:/ Your Postal card came/ to hand yesterday- with the demand/ for “50” and here it is./ This weather will tax/ your patience I am thinking. Here/ at any rate it is rather cool and/ disagreeable./ Strangers have not been call=/=ing very frequently since you left./ I have no recollection of any who/ have called particularly with a desire/ to see you./ A letter has been received/ from J.C. Waters in which it was/ stated that several vacancies ex/=isted, and a desire was expressed/ that Willbur should come on./ As Will had gone to N.C. he was/ out of the question. So Ella made up/ her mind to go, and I made up my mind/ that she might go, hence she is getting/ ready. Now what do you think of it?/ I am not sure whether it would be/ best or not. If she remains here I/ hardly think she will do much. [Triffling?]/ seems to be the chief order of the day/ with the young people here, so it/ may be just as well for her/ to make a change now as to remain/ under the influence of her present./ surroundings. Give the matter your/ consideration and let me hear from you./ We are all pretty well./ When will you return?/ Give my regards to Mrs. Jones,/ and tell her that she must now/ allow her guests to annoy her in/ any way whatever. She has enough/ to pester her mind besides being pest/=ered with the likes [a ye?]./ Your Affectionate Father/ W.S./