[Letter of 1868 August 24]


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[Letter of 1868 August 24]




African Americans -- 19th century
African American Christians (Disciples of Christ)


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1868/ Greensbon N.C. Aug 24th/ Dear cousin,/ Yours of the/ 18 nistant was gladly received/ Saturday night about nine/ oclock, when [y?]our letter came/ to Greensbon was in the/western part of the state,/near East tern, my friend/ Mr Nocho sent it to me/ O I was delighted to hear/ [from?] you – for just then/ I was very much fatigued/ and lonely. As soon as I/ saw the indorsement, I was /satisfied that my dear cousin/ Carrie had not forgotten/ me altogether. I had a very/ pleasant time in the western/ part of the of the of north state/ I am getting along very well/ with the Church –hav consentd/ to take Charge of this Church ,/ after Graduate , The peopl/ are very anxious for me to/ stay with ther and not return/ home this fall- I cannot/consent to that I am not/ thinking of getting a wife/ you ought to see me blush/ yes see my red rosy checks/ when I see a gay damsel Dear cousin I want [?]/ [x?]ur your, friends to make me/ a present of a communion/ set for the new Church of/ Greensbon N.C. I will see you/ about it when I come hom[e?]/I hear from Miss Janie Woolford/ but would much rather/ I see by your letter,/ that you are just havin,/ a gay old time ,- run )/ while you are young and/ also while single for when/ you are encumbered by these/ you will be chained./ Success to you, I have been/ laborin[g?], very hard this summer/ no one to help me, I have been/ requested to address the young/ people of Lexington, Danville,/ and Milton of N.C. subject [sure?]/ plan for the elevation of our/ race. I am considered the/ best speaker in town if so [?]/ [?] to the poorest I assure you/ that I am not elated over the/ saying of the multitude / I shall be hom[e?] the last/ of mont[?] I shall start/ about the 16 of September/ Remember me/ to all inquiring friends of couse/ your prents Respectfully [yours?] Jos. L. Thompson/