[Letter of 1873 October 2]


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[Letter of 1873 October 2]




African American families
Husband and wife
Door-to-door selling


Anderson, Caroline Still, 1848-1911 [recipient]






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Baltimore/ Oct 2nd 73/ My Dear Carrie/ As tea is not/ quite ready I thought/ I would drop you/ a few lines. I am/pleased to say that/ I am in good health/ likewise the family/ with whom I am/boarding. My dear I/ feel tired after going/ the most of the day/ and I have got to/ go again after sup/per – Of course you/ will say I ought to/ rest but I don’t/ see how I can until/ I get through with/ my days work./ Well I have this/ sweet hope to cheer/me that it will/ last always./ It may/ continue while I/ am in this world/ but I believe there/ remains a rest/ for the weary – a/ rest unmingled with/ toil or anxiety – a/ rest which is worth/ laboring for – Eternal/ rest/ May God help/ you and me my/ darling to enter into/ this rest which He hath/ provided for His/ people. Thus far/ I have things quite/ pleasantly – am/ still getting along/ nicely with the book. / I have sold 140/ copies - but I find/ money scarse[sic] and/ hard to get a hold of,/ well times seem to be/ hard every where,/ consequently I have/ to be very saving/ with my money./ I want to pay/ father for the/ books by the fifteen/ th just if nothing/ taken[sic] place to prevent./ I have been to/ see Mrs Jackson/several times, they/ have quite a com-/ fortable little home/ just such as you/would like and/ just such as I/ hope you will/ have before many/ fears. Well supper is/ ready I must go good/ bye. My love to all the/ family. Much love/many kisses to you/ Mother& Willie/ Your devoted/ Husband E.A.W./