[Letter of August 29]


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[Letter of August 29]




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At Home/ August 29/ My Dear Son./ How long will you have/ me lying at night with my cheeks wet/ with tears thinking of you. for the sake/ of me let your schooling alone and come/ to see me for I am having so many/ strange offlictions[sic]. I think my time/ is short and I want to see you. If/ you will come I will go back with/ you. I feel like I am slighted by you/ all. Please come to Leighton and/ [visit?] six days and never come near/ me, dont you think that is nice/ treatment. The whole of my family/ needs your attention. I have prayed/ so hard for the Lord to soften your/ heart and turn you [this way?] [?]/ seems as if my prayer is not heard./ You seem to think more of your/ books than you do of me. How glad I/ will be if you will tell me in your/ next letter the day of month, you are/ coming it will be a load lifted off/ my heart. I am fearful I will not live/ to see you my health is so bad, I dont/ think you ought to stay away from me/ any longer. Dear Son I cant say any/ more if you knew how we are/ suffering. Mariah is in such bad/ health and her child, Fancy says/ howdy. My whole desire is to see/ you. If you dont come after this you/ must stay. If you have got money to/ pay for schooling surely you can/ take some of it and come to see/ me. I dont want you to stay here/ but come to see me before I die./ your Mother/ Louise Sher[rud?]/