[Letter of 1878 July 2]


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[Letter of 1878 July 2]




Mothers and daughters
African American families
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Anderson, Caroline Still, 1848-1911 [recipient]






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Phila July 2 1878/ Dear Carry I thout I would not/ be formed as I want to hear fro/m you whe are all well at/ present Elle hand is geting along/ prety well this morning the/ Doctor taken the stiches out of/ she was trying the preanoyestay/ I stop her that was worse then/ Do you know you owe me/ a letter? E.S./ I had on expected call to go to the park you/ see what has hapen. It is butiful at the/ park I wish you were hear to in joy/ a ride I am very mutch afraid that/you will work your self down and/ then that will benomore of you/ whe are collect anuel feas I was sopris/ to find that you and Elle ware on/ the delin[t?]ied list dou know any/ Thing a bout it if you recolect any/ thing a bout it I wish you would/ let me know thearare quuuiet a nom/ber that havent pade thear yearly/ subecrtion whe expect to close/ the office intirly of expence but/ let mrs daves make what she can with/ what meterial she has on hand and take/ in as she has bin doang and use the/ money for her self and keep acounts/ whe hav now money mutch in han/ our reports hav tobe goten in pamplet/ forms with the charter in it this/ will give us a chance to get funs to/ gathe to dou our winter work if/ we live and know let us know what/ you think/ I dounot want to tac you to hevely/ for ancers as your time is sow ocpied/ What is your in tention in regards/ to Mr Butler dou respect you/ expect to remain home this winter/ thay keep riting for Elle and left/ the door open for her if she will come/ and teach this winter/[blank space] as the gentleman hav not asked your/ Fither for you of or your mother/ whether she was willing or you dou/ think thear is now nead if sow/ all rite the young man has bin/ once on twice to see us us whe/ hapen to be out each time/ Elle she sais she will try to send/ your things this weak my pov/t is don and waiting for Almer/ Miss Llester stuet sendss for love/ I send the love of all that I canot/ think of all indivigable sow men/y tell me to give love to you/ Jane Allen just left her she is/ geting redy to pay her brother/ a viset I was trying to impress her/ to come out nextuesday to bourd/ meeting, it is very warm hear/ Mrs. Harper and her dorter has arive/ I see now change in marry sow far/ as sige is cocern she is not goin back/ she is goin to mrs lewis to learn the/dressmaking, Mrs Duteurt is sick/ has bin very ill she is mending slow/ly completly rundown kidny and blad/er afection, Marry Adger has bin verry ill/ she is mutch better that quiet a sad/ family harriet dingin anner hedtlh/ the feaver and about the only one/ that has recovered I should not be sepr/ise to see her home I wish you wore/ hear to help me get some new cloth/ for my self I hav plenty old dids to/ ware round home/ Yours afect Mother/ Letitia Sill/