[Letter of 1866 December 17]


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[Letter of 1866 December 17]




Man-woman relationships
Prayer meetings
African American College students


Anderson, Caroline Still, 1848-1911 [recipient]






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Oberlin Dec 17th/66 My Dear Carrie/ We are having/ very [interesting?] prayermeeting Sunday evening/ we had a most excellent one having the meeting/ there was one converted. And I heard of mother/ conversion Sunday evening at a prayermeeting./ There were good many rose in our young people/ prayermeeting for prayers. We had a very interesting/ meeting. I would [that?] you were here to rejoice with/ us in the Lord. Thursday evening I was much/ supprise to see such few at the prayermeeting./ This evening the room was filled and we had a/ good time. Do not grow cold. We are now praying/ for the conversion of siners and want your sympathy/ and y prayers we will not forget you. Thursday/ coming the first church will fast and pray/ and want our church to write with them./ Miss [AlMiria?] was among those that rose for/ prayers. For myself I feel more determining to/ trust in my Heavenly Father and to [more?] for/ Him. The more I know of Him the more I want/ know. I have [thus?] told you of our prayermeeting/ I will now tell you some of Oberlins news/ We are having a very [interesting?] school this/ Winter. And I am getting along very well with/ my [studies?] so far. Miss [Creita?] Davis is married/ at last. I was at Mr Thomas last night/ [Fannie Thoma?] said she was going to write/ you a letter and tell you that I was coming there tues night to see Miss Thomas/ and read your letters to her and burn them/ up [?] would write first and/ tell you [latter?]. We have snow about four or/ five inches deep. Mrs Rostea wanted I should/ ask you if you had seen your cousin if so please/ let her know. My dear I am very anxious/ to hear from you twice a week on my way/ I got two letters from you last week and/ will try and write so that you get about two letters/ if not more I shall answer punctual/ the young gentleman you spoke of I am/ not acquainted with. Please tell me his/ name. Give my compliments to all./ Yes my dear I am willing to look over/ and forgive. I was just thinking Sunday/ how much my love has increased for you it/ seem that there is nothing that would happen/ to you but what I would be willing to share. I very/ often think if all young men are so well satis/fied as I am when they are, as I am. I feel/ satisfied to believe that I have found one/in I whome I can place my confidence/ and [believe?] that she will always prove to/ me what she pretend she be with aid of my/ Heavenly Father I will prove the same to/ her. Carrie it will take us the whole of/ the spring term to [?] of this winter/ and its lonely [hours?]. I am very anxious/ to hear who gained the battle you or/ your father that was to be fought last./ I am on your side Carrie if you lost it./ I must close it is eleven o clock as I/ shall be sleepy in school to morrow that/ [you?] [know?]will not [do so?] with another look/ at your picture I will bid you adieu. Write/ soon and often as possible yours knowingly/ Edward A. Wiley/