[Letter of 1899 April 14]


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[Letter of 1899 April 14]




African American women physicians
African Americans -- 19th century


Anderson, Caroline Still, 1848-1911 [recipient]






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Wilberforce, Ohio, Apr. 14th” 99./ My dear Doctor:-/ Long ere this, you should/ have received a letter from me according to my/ promise to write you when I asked you for your/card the day Mrs Hall and I, called on you./I’ve no real good excuse to make for the delay,/ and will not attempt to manufacture one./ While at Ft. Logan, I had an office in Denver./ We did not stay there long enough to accomplish/ anything much in my profession. I met and re-/ceived my acquaintance with Mrs E. P. E[neley?]./ I also met her mother who is now an invalid./ Perhaps you have learned why we are here , but/ if you have not, I’ll tell you just now/ in this letter. My husband is to write the/ history of the F[our?] Negro regiments in the late/ Spanish- American war, and this place is to be/ his headquarters while thus engaged./ I have resumed my relation as resident/ physician to the University. There are three of our/ boys here attending the University. The Chaplain/ (P.S. The/ enclosed/)/ card is a/ sample of/ my our youngest/ son’s printing./ may go to Cuba, and go over the battlefield I may/ possibly, accompany him./ My daughter [Mrs?] Annie M. Holly, and/ her baby boy are in Brooklyn with my sister/ Mrs Garnet . Thy arrived in this country the/ 30th” last month. I am to go to them, [D.V.?], after the close of school here./ The Chaplain and I enjoyed reading the/ book, “Presbyterianism”, so kindly given to us by/ your husband. It kept us highly entertained/ on our trip to Fort Logan./ The Chaplain has a book in the press,/a novel. “A Charleston love story,, or [Hortense?]/ [Vanross?] .” If you should see a notice of the book/ when it is issued , I hope you will get a copy; but/ the Chaplain will send Dr. Anderson a copy I/ am sure, so don’t purchase one. I cannot tell how/ soon the book will be finished. We hope it/ will not be long./ Having mislaid your card, I address this in the care/ of our mutual friend Mrs Hall./ The Chaplain joins me in kind regards for yourself and husband./ Yours Sincerely, S . M . Se[ward?]/