[Letter of 1873 March 28]


digital facsimile
digital facsimile


[Letter of 1873 March 28]




African American families


Anderson, Caroline Virginia Still Wiley, 1848-1911 [recipient]






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[Williamsburgh?] [March] [28?] [1873?]/ My Dear Carrie/ [x?] [x?] [x?]/ time since I have heard from you/ all I suppose your mother has [x?]/ [x?] [x?] not writing before but/ I have bin expect expecting to [hear?]/ on every day[and?] I not one that/ the boat would [x?] all winter it has/ never [before?] so of course I could not leve[?]/ I have just come home to day from/ of [x?] the boat fore a fue days, wile / the boat gets repaird I will be on/ a gain so I will not be abel to come/ on to philadelphia this springe [x?]/ as I [can?] make it coneveint I will/ mak you all a visit I hope that all/ the family is well and give my/ love to theam Dear Carrie when/ I come home to day I heard very/ [Late?] nueas from Ellen that she/ has lost hear husban and/ is left with tow small children/ a widder he has bin dead a/ he dide with week consumption. I hav just got/ hear number [whear?] she live/ it is number 44 [x?] Homstead It [new?]/ London her name is Hulbert I wish/ you would writ to [hear?] I have/ written [new?] to [x?] have not/ bin no wears this winter but [x?]/ on the boat [running?] up and down/ the river I would lik you to writ/ what is bin a going[xx] on in your/ city dear Carrie your last letter/ I recived with great plesher/ it wose so inter[xxxxx] and [informing?]/ me what wose going on in your/ quaker City I read that letter quit/ often and think of you/ From your Aunt/ Elizabeth George/ [Street?] [No.?] [871?] Broadway/ [Williamsburgh?] L I/