[Letter: date unknown]


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[Letter: date unknown]




Husband and wife
Time management


[Wiley, Edward A.?] [recipient]






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you know anything about it?/ I see in your letter to father you/ have changed your mind about/ banking your money in Pitts./ I thought as you seemed to conclude/ that just about this time he was/ probably needing all he could/ command from his recent/ outlays but I said nothing to/ you about the matter for fear/ you might think that I had/ not your interests sufficiently/ at heart. On the whole I dont/ know but that it is best you/ did make known to him your/ intentions though you changed/ your mind, it will do no harm/ and may do some good. The/ days are all too short and every/ thing goes as it pleases so it/ seems to me but I try to sum/ mon as much patience as/ possible for I find other people/ take the world easy and seem/ to have some peace. Just now/ I feel as though there are ever/ so many things that I ought to/ do as soon as I finish this letter/ but as I can only do one thing/ at a time it puzzles my brain/ [sorely?] to know which that one/ shall be. Look for me to/ start on the 26 or 27th" at the/ farthest. Love from all to/ you. Much from Willie/ and me with kisses but who/ gives you the kisses I cant / imagine. Ma says dont/ kill yourself./ Your affectionate/ Wife- Carrie