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[Letter: date unknown]




Spiritual life -- Christianity






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6th../ we may be recompensed/ therefore by an entrance/ into those Heavenly Mansions./ If this be so what an as-/ sistance must he prove/ to this final attainment/ who says to his to his brother/ in love if you abstain even/ from these grosser vices_ or/ are not suffering in conse-/ quence of having participa-/ ted in such as were likely to/ leave their withering blight-/ I am your friend, otherwise/ I cannot be. Call it undue/ exactness if you will, call it/ selfishness or what not./ Such tenets endorsed/ by an various Alliances of this (or any other)/ Blind are similar in many/ respects to the demands of/ the Master requiring (even)/ less than He. 7th./ since man has less to bestow/^ in return & if we believe in future/ rewards & punishments also/ clearly taught herein so^ should we/ believe that such keeping of/ one another must savor/ of good./ But likewise are we taught/ to be one another's keeper in/ these beautiful words of the/ Apostle "And now abideth/ Faith Hope Charity/ these three; but the greatest/ of these is Charity. And again/ add to brotherly kindness,/ Charity. And crowning all the stern but tender rebuke/ of the Master" inasmuch as/ ye have not done it unto v / one of the least of these my/ brethren, ye have not done/ it unto me". 8th./ truth truly exemplified/ by those wise and noble/ hearted ones who band to-/ gether, thus strengthening/ each other whilst reaching/ out their hands to all/ of every race, clime, creed/ or color. These are the Tem-/ perance Reformers_ Sup_/ porters of the Midnight/ Missions and Homes of/ whatever description; but/ particularly those for ine-/ briates and fallen women/ maintained by public charity/ and but for the faithful few/ scattered here and there never/ thus gathered and expended/ Here too is love indeed and/ if it seem more lavish in/ that temporal aid is not/ withheld until requirements/