[Letter of September 18]


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[Letter of September 18]




African American Christians (Disciples of Christ)
Man-woman relationships


Anderson, Caroline Still, 1848-1911 [recipient]






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Cleveland Sept 8th 186[x?]/ Miss Still, Your note/ came to hand a few days/ since finding me [in?] pretty/ well. The note you received/ from me. I got a friend to/ write it, while I was sick-a-bed./ I remained in Oberlin/ very near a month sick. I/ dont think I ever suffered/ so much in my life with/ sicknesss as then. I was very/ well cared for, friends came to/ see me, and supplied all of/ my wants as far as was in/ their power. O! that words could/ express my gratitude to Him/ who is the author of every good/ and perfect gift, then would/ I tell you how kind He was/ to me. Under the shadow of/ Thy wing O! Lord will I seek/ protection all the days of my life./ But for fear you will [not?] want/ to hear so much from me/ I will [xxxx?] my discourse./ In your note you asked me/ if I would let your mother/ have one of my photoghraphs./ I dont see how could refuse one/ whome I think so much of/ as your mother, so small request./ Tell her yes, she is well come/ to either of them. If she will/ send me the one she spoke/ of, I will have some taken/ and s[en?]d her another./ However she can do to please/ herself. I am now working in/ Cleveland and dont know but/ I shall have to give up stud[ying?]/ all-togeather[sic] on the account/ of my health. Give my/ compliments to all./ Tell Mr Still I would/ like to hear from him/ any time he can make/ it [convenient?] to write, and/ [also?] your mother. Give them my address Kennard/ [C?] House Cleveland./[Pat ?] Hoping prosperity may/ crowd your path way. I will now/ close/ From ^your friend/ E A Wiley/