[Letter: date unknown]


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[Letter: date unknown]




African American families
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Wiley, Edward A. [recipient]






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Philadelphia, 187/ My Dear Edward:/ I wrote to you yes-/ terday and according to your last/ letter I addressed it 5[3?] 6th Ave./ I hope it reached you if not you/ had better inquire at the Post O./ This morning I received a letter/ from you and was very glad indeed to get it. You may say/ thats all you think of me [&c?] but/ it is not so you know full well/ what my trouble is and what I/ meant about your absence being/ well for me. However as I/ said before I want you to hur-/ ry up and come now for I have/ the days all marked out. How/ nicely you said nothing about/ our going to Cape May. [Ah?]/ you are a [sharper?] aint you? All send love/ Much love/ and many kisses/ from Ma Willie/ and Me/ Well I can get ready anyhow/ it wont do any harm and if we/ go well and good and if we stay/ home well and good. I think/ I told you I have moved. What/ did you think of it? Oh my [?]/ [?] so nice to have to travel/ only one pair of stairs. You know/ I enjoy it. Willie tries to make/ me do more than my share of/ walking anyhow in following him/ up the stairs front steps or back/ he dont care which. Just an hour or so ago I left him in the kitchen/ with ma and the girls and the/ first thing I know I heard him a/ hollering in the street so I looked/ out the window and there he was/ in Robbie's arms at the head of the/ steps; when ma came up she/ said before any of them knew it/ he had almost reached the top of/ the iron steps and Robbie happen-/ ing to think of him ran out after/