[Letter of 1866 November 19]


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[Letter of 1866 November 19]




Man-woman relationships


Wiley, Edward A.






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Oberlin Nov. 19th ,, 66/ My Dear, Darling Edward/ Of all the/ [objectives?] you exclaim [preserve?] me from/ these. well I will if you say so. Whilst/ Anna sits here looking over [my?] albums/ I thought I would pen you a few lines/ although I have nothing of importance/ to say. I dreamed of you last night/ but as you would not tell me your/ dream I will not tell you mine./ Oh you should have been [here?] just a mo/ -ment ago Anna took Mr. Ball's pic-/ ture out of my album I did not know/ whose it was but such scrambling you/ never saw. Now Mary has one of your/ letters but she will not read it she took/ it because I gave Anna three of hers./ Oh I have been cutting up so I cant think/ of more to write just now. I have been/ writing home this morning but such a/ lamentable letter you have not seen in/ a long time. What a gloomy day [without?]/ yet within all is [?]ight and I feel [?]/ as mischievous as [?] you please Mary [?]/ -tined me out of my room but she was/ glad enough to let me in again. When [?]/ you hear from friend Ball please let/ me know as I am quite anxious to know/ of his progress if I was partly dis/ -gusted with him. and now I suppose/ I must bid you adieu a long fare/ -well if I were disappointed in hearing/ from you this morning I shall prob/ -ably survive a while though. Dont be/ surprised if I make up my mind to/ go next Monday/ But after attemp/ ting to say so much I have said so/ little that I will here stop/ Yours Ever/ Carrie./