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[Letter: date unknown]




Mother and child
African American College students
African Americans -- 19th century
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[Still, Letitia?] [recipient]






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"livelihood. I thought to finish/ this letter yesterday but Willie/ kept me busy. I took him/ to ride three times during the/ morning and Mary Peck/ took him in the afternoon/ so he will have rides enough/ if nothing else. This morn/ ing we have just come in/ from riding. I took Mary/ Peck to school and Willie to/ see [Dr?] who thinks him a/ mite better as I do myself/ he rested better last night; after/ riding around awhile we came/ home and he has gone to sleep./ Please tell Pop his letter came/ duly to hand this morning and/ contained the scholarship which/ he said he would put in if he/ did not forget it but the ten/ cents for Willie was forgotten/ instead and as he is not in/ the best condition for eating/ candy I judge it is all for the/ best. Mrs [Peck] thinks the/ way they pay at the hall is/ about as good a way as any/ six weeks or half the term in/ advance. Nellie's board will be/ $2.00 per week her room rent will be more or less as she has a/ room mate. Mrs. Peck says/ however for the present estimate/ the whole at $4 per week and/ if she has a room and it/ comes less it can be arranged;/ for six weeks then it will/ be $24.00 board and room included./ The room is all furnished bed/ bed clothes washstand [beaureau?]/ table chairs rocking chair glass/ It is the same that was/ used for spare room when I/ boarded with Mrs Peck and is/ very pleasant indeed. Mrs Peck's/ bed room and ours open/ opposite each other. I will en=/ close a list of expenditures and/ leave the rest to tell when I come/ Fare to Oberlin $2.00(for both)/ "" in Omnibus .50 ( "" "" )/ Incidental College expense 3.00/ Books ink, pens, holder [?] 4.65/ purse & medicine for Willie 1.40/ At Cleveland depot for items .95/ $12.50/ I send this memorandum that you/ may know just how we stand./ I suppose you had better/ send Mrs P's money/ as soon/ as possible and my fare home/ afterwards. I have said nothing/ as yet about my board thought/ I would leave it till/ time to come home/ Your aff. daughter/ Carrie/"