[Letter: date unknown]


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[Letter: date unknown]




Man-woman relationships






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Carrie's second concert will be/ on Wednesday and Thursday[sic] evenings/ March 3 & 4. She has been invited/ by the Sheriff of Mount Holly to give/ them a par[?] lour[?] concert which/ invitation she has accepted so you see I/ shall be in Mount Holly for some/ time to come./ I received a picture of Robert Jackson/ and one from Rob [Mc Intyre?] both/ were excellent just like the original/ You shall have one my bonnie[?]/ [?] for I intend having some/ taken before I go to [Freedsboro?]/ Mr. Henry Bascom called for me/ to go to the Opera last Monday[sic]/ night but we got on the subject/ and Mama gave him her/ views on the subject so plainly/ that he beat a hasty retreat./ I suppose you are in the midst/ of enjoyment and perfectly/ happy to. Your friend E.A.W. is I dare say inexpressibly/ pleased to see his Carrie/ mine no longer looking so/ well and to have her/ with him./ He had better enjoy you/ while he has you./I have not heard from Matthews/ in any way shape or manner./ I shall hope to hear very soon/ from you now my sweet one/ Maggie was at the lecture/ attended by some very fine looking/ gentleman (name unknown to me)./ Well I must close for I am/ very near the end of this paper./ Excuse this seraiol[?] you know/ I am noted for my poor letters/ but you know that although/ I can not write as can some./ Yet there is no one loves you/ more fondly than Lela Bird/