[Letter: date unknown]


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[Letter: date unknown]






Anderson, Caroline Still, 1848-1911 [recipient]






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Oh Carrie its love on the/ Brain now my how great/ A G thing is love one never/ knows how soon they may be/ In love when i was in the/ City i had no beau nor/ Wasnt expecting any in/ A hurry and now there is one/ That is deeply in love with/ Me he has told me his/ Heart he sends me some/ Loving kisses his last letter/ He Closed with a tear/ This one he has Closed heart/ Broken oh i tell you things/ Are wor[xx?] right along/ And i believe he is true oh/ Wish i Could see you/ Oh dear [?] dear i feel so queer/ I feel as [?] never felt before/ I have a Great deal of pain/ I In my left breast i fear/ it is going to gather having/ So much pain in it is Swelled/ To quite large to what my/ Right one is i have done/ Nothing for it yet oh Carrie/ I long to see you for i have/ Got a great deal to tell you/ When we mighten meet again/ Things that are very impor/ tant i suffer very often/ From a dull heavy pain/ Down in the lower parts/ Of my Stomach oh/ Caddie how did you/ Do the first night did you/ Go to bed first and then again/ Who got up first then oh/ Then how did you feel i/ Think i should make mine/ Get up first and then you/ know i could lay there and keep/ Oh dont you see the point/ I Do[x?]e i trust you will get/ This letter on friday it will/ Start from here to morrow morn/ We have the t mail three/ Times a week tuesday, thursd/ & Saturday the Sewing Society/ Will meet here in two weeks/ & I Shall be glad when it is/ Over they are Sewing for another/ Fair i will not be here to the/ Fair this year oh what wonder/ ful love is this it is a great/ Disease Carrie Sweet now/ Wont you answer Soon Please/ Thats a darling good Soul/ I expect he will let me have/ A letter by next tuesday wont/ You do the I Same please/ I Shall look for one i/ Suppose Grandma is well/ I dont think it is hardly worth/ While to send her any money this time i dont/ want/ to take/ any up/ just now/ A live being Dead is the Sign/ Of rain &&c. Love i think/ Of you daily i am longing/ To see spring Come but/ Sweet how is it you did not/ Finish that sentence wich/ Ran thus when you see me &c/ Well right here your husband/ Came in i would dearly/ Loved to have known if you/ Take a notion to send me/ A Piece of Cake when I write/ Yo lover again will write/ Also to you and [?] you know/ i got is how he and i [?] [w?]riting/ Briskly to each [o?]ther we/ We write to one a[n?]o[th?]er so that/ We hear from each [o?]ther every/ Week [a?]int it most time for/ Me to quit/ Time for me to quit aint it/ But upon my word when i/ Sit down to write to you i have/ So much to Say i never know/ When to quit i have got/ His letter to finish yet it/ Is now Something after [ 7?] oclk/ Did you See the red light in/ The sky last Monday morn/ any on the s B inst Just/ A bout the time i got up/ it was between 4 & 5 o Clk/ The sky looked red as blood/ It frightened me at first/ But it looked beautiful/ But it appears it was/ A Phenonomon well now/ Dont you think i am not/ in a very good humor for/ Just look at these horrid Horrid blots i upset/ The ink all in my lap/ Spoilt my new dress/ the one i got in town/ What will bring it out/ Can you tell me i am/ Very angry about it i tell/ You now wasted half of/ The ink i want to come/ A way about the last of/ March i shall have here/ To Close i forget i wish/ You both much Joy/ Wasted half of my ink/ Please let me have one more/ Next tuesday oh please/ I shall look i will get/ One from him i know/ Love to all Good bye/ Sweet Yours forever/ Georgie he says he hopes when/ we meet again it will be to part/ no more until death/