[Letter of 1873 July 1]


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[Letter of 1873 July 1]




African American families
African American Christians (Disciples of Christ)


Wiley, Edward A. [recipient]






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July 1st, 1873/ My Dear Edward:/ Yours of the 30th/ ult. came duly to hand and/ I hasten to reply lest it be/ four days again [ere?] you hear/ from me. Just as I/ commenced this letter/ to you Mr. Shay came/ in to pay a bill and so I/ had to pause a little. Then/ baby was brought to me/ and I had to feed him and/ now I am seated to write/ once more. Mr. Shay does/ not believe that Mr. Carr/ has had a call to Conn. but/ I think the old man is quite/ hard on Bro. C. and don’t/ think he'll get anywhere as/ he expressed it unless he/ changes wonderfully. Well/ if all he says about Bro. C./ is true he must have a hard/ time of it for like yourself or/ as you used to be he cannot/ expect to have people agree/ with him immediately in every/ particularly so he must not/ be quite as plain with them/ as he would be with those/ whom he was sure would/ comply. In other words/ order is a beautiful thing but/ for one man to say flat-foot/ ed if he will have it and he wont/ close church any later even if/ it is an accommodation to/ the people who live at service/ and have families- that man/ perhaps dont understand/ the very best way to deal/ Ellie/ just/ came up/ stairs &/ says tell/ Mr Wiley/ Willie's going/ to have/ teeth/ just/ like/ him./ with the people. This order/ ought to be effected but there/ is no us prejudicing people/ by telling them what you/ will do to start with for then/ it just gives them an oppor-/ tunity to tell someone else/ and upset all your plans./ When Bro. C. used to close/ Church at 8 1/2 this was too/ soon- what did Bro. Shay/ do- why as he said this/ morning he talked with/ Bro. Carr but he was'nt/ going to do different and those/ who did'nt get to Church must/ feel themselves providentially/ prevented- then Bro. Carr had/ the session come together/ and changed the hour so/ that Church should close at/ nine if he would hold only an hour./ What do you think of that I think/ they were both in fault as/ I said before a man should/ not be too hasty to promulgate/ his views or too positive when he/ does do so, he must feel the pul-/ ses of the people and ascertain the/ best method of treating with them./ But enough of Bro. Carr. I/ want you to be sure to say you'll/ go to Cape May where we can/ give our boy a ducking for he/ wont let me write well at all he's/ climbing on my arms pulling/ my pen and now on my back/ pulling at the back of my/ neck where the little hairs grow./ He has grown quite slender and/ the sea air would doubtless do/