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Plants in Art

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Plants in Art


The projects in this collection feature plants as tools in the production of art objects. For a "time-map" view of the bioart collection, follow this link. (Note that only those projects with both known dates and known artist locations are included.)


Collection assembled by Caitlin Alyse Baiduc.

Items in the Plants in Art Collection

Choir of ten birches

Device to allow plants to vote in elections based on plant reactions and musical instruments

Flower (Pacifica iris)

Flower (Pacifica iris) 2.75" diameter

Flower (Pacifica iris) 4.00" diameter

Flower (Pacifica iris) 3.90" diameter

From Olga Kisseleva's website: "In collaboration with the team of biologists from INRIA, the artist created a method to include into a tree’s ADN a fragment of the ADN of a dead parent. The planted tree becomes a kind of memorial alive."

Sculptural designs featuring Reiner Matysik's vision of future organisms that are adapted to the more extreme living conditions, which have been predicted for the future

Plant music