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  • Collection: Plants in Art

Explores the costumed female body and landscape through the use of photography, video, and drawing, resulting in a curious botanical milieu embodied with notions of solitude and fantasy

Description from the artist's website: "The ‘Algaerium Bioprinter’ envisions how microalgal cells can be grown and digitally printed for production of ‘fresh’ food supplements, organic dyes on paper, and printable biological solar batteries."

Bronze sculpture

Sculptural designs featuring Reiner Matysik's vision of future organisms that are adapted to the more extreme living conditions, which have been predicted for the future

From Olga Kisseleva's website: "In collaboration with the team of biologists from INRIA, the artist created a method to include into a tree’s ADN a fragment of the ADN of a dead parent. The planted tree becomes a kind of memorial alive."

Flower (Pacifica iris) 3.90" diameter
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