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Collaborative project that explores the ways in which DNA can be extracted, amplified, fragmented, and imaged photographically

From the artist's website: "site-specific, artistic experiment, which took place in the Summer of 2011, at an experimental artists’ residency called BioARTCAMP, organized by Jennifer Willet, in conjunction with the Banff Center, deep in the Banff…

DIYsect is a documentary web-series on DIY biology and bioart.

Description from the artist's website: "The ‘Algaerium Bioprinter’ envisions how microalgal cells can be grown and digitally printed for production of ‘fresh’ food supplements, organic dyes on paper, and printable biological solar batteries."

Description from the artist's website: "Enteric Consciousness 2010 is a large robotic tongue controlled by an artificial stomach filled with the living bacteria Lactobacillus Acidophulus."

Organic coat made from an assemblage of pieces of skin of different colours, ages, and origins; prototype of a biotechnological coat

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From Lisek's website: "The aim of the project was to build a multidimensional object comprising of my DNA code [collected from my saliva] and codes of chosen viruses [Lloviu virus, Polio virus, Marburg virus and Ebola virus]. A class of objects which…

Awared designed to stimulate emerging artists and designers to delve into the world of bio-art

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This Excel sheet lists a variety of bioart related texts. Titles listed include Next Nature and Artist Animal.

Visualization of sugar-preference of E. coli is achieved by centering bacteria in a petri dish, around the edges five varieties of sugar are plated; movement of bacteria toward the preferred sugar source can be detected
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