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DIYsect is a documentary web-series on DIY biology and bioart.

A morning edition series that explores the unexpected intersections of art and science

Focuses on women's contributions to environmental and social justice art

Promotes reserch into the sounds of the natural world and archives nature's soundscape; founded by Bernie Krause in 1968

Designed by Maya Lin; multi-sited memorial existing in select scientific institutions, online as a website, and as a book; focuses on bringing awareness to the crisis surrounding biodiversity and habitat loss

London-based think tank "exploring the consequences of fantastic, perverse, and underrated urbanisms"

Showcase for paintings by elephant artists at the National Elephant Institute, Thailand

Gallery where art and science collide; opened in 2008

Explores the changing relationship humans have with nature

Interdisciplinary scholarly center in higher education dedicated to establishing and expanding the field of Critical Animal Studies (CAS); founded in 2001
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